Trident Cybersecurity

A Hardware and Software monitored service that detects attacks, blocks malware and gives your company security it can count on.

Monitors networks to shutdown threats/attacks.

Block Viruses and Malware including new/zero-day threats.

Are You Concerned About Cyber Security Threats?

The Trident CMP TM from GBMS Tech Secure Solutions is an on-premise micro appliance combined with expert monitoring through GBMS Tech secure solutions’ Security Operations Center (SOC).

It can be installed, configured, and commissioned in minutes, providing notifications to users of any potential unknown devices, questionable traffic, or other network issues.

  • Always On
  • Professional Monitoring
  • Continual Updates
  • Low Cost

Trident CMP, a breakthrough cyber security service that stops hacking and keeps you safe.

Without GBMS Tech Cyber Security

Trident Screen Before without cybesecurity unit

With GBMS Tech Cyber Security

Trident Screen After with cyber security unit

Antivirus and firewalls are not completely effective and won’t guarantee your safety. Trident is complete hardware, software and monitored service which turns the antivirus approach upside down and blocks everything except explicitly approved software. The result is astounding. Cyber security that will protect you where all others fail.

Absolute defense against hacking.

Cybersecurity that offers real protection from threats, hacks and breaches.


Threat Detection

Easily deployed, on-premise micro appliance with real-time monitoring that includes rogue device detection, man-in-the-middle attack detection, firewall compliance, and malware and ransomware detection.


Device Protection

Monitors your device for any changes outside of normal activity preventing any rogue programs from executing, whether through downloads, attachments, or web browsing.


Professional Services

Support nationwide with vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, incident response, and digital forensics.

Find out how GBMS Tech Trident CMP™ stops threats taking your business offline.

Block everything including Zero-Day viruses

A virus checker needs to recognize a virus to stop it. It’s the ultimate weakness and means an anti-virus will never offer you the protection you need. Our Trident service will only allow authorized apps to run, so if anything makes it through your antivirus and firewall it can’t run and you remain completely protected.

Hacking prevention your company can rely on.

Every day it’s open season for hackers on your connected devices. At any given moment any connected device might be being polled by hackers from around the world looking for a way in. Trident can detect malicious activity and network weakness to close them for good.

GBMS Tech’s Trident Cybersecurity
For Businesses Of All Sizes

Bringing enterprise level security to businesses of all sizes. Affordable defense against cybersecurity threats, hacks and breaches.

Trident Cyber Attack Analysis

Continuous network monitoring identifies vulnerabilities and shuts the door on attacks.

Stops threats by blocking everything except that which you specifically allow.

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