GBMS Tech and Phalanx join forces

GBMS Tech and Phalanx join forces


Announcing the amalgamation on two titans in leading edge cyber security technology. GBMS Tech is pleased to announce the purchase of a majority shareholding in USA based Phalanx secure solutions.

This acquisition has been completed as part of our initiative to grow Trident CMP network protection by expanding globally with additional SOC’s in strategic locations.

Joining together the UK based operations and North America is only the beginning with future SOC’s soon to be added in other locations including recent contracts secured to build new SOC´s in the western Caribbean, which will complete the first stage in creating a global footprint.

Pictured above are Simon Simmons (Chief Operating Officer) and Matt Johnson (Phalanx CEO) exchanging the documentation and share certification that marks the official acknowledgement of the purchase. Matt will continue his role within the company as the CTO for GBMS Tech.

This share purchase will improve access to GBMS Tech services and strengthen the observational and analytical capability of the company to better serve cyber security customers worldwide.

You can find more information on the Trident CMP network monitoring and hack blocking service here.

Enterprise and SME’s looking for absolute hacking protection that actually works are invited to email GBMS Tech and request info about cyber security that offers actual peace of mind through secure business continuity. Click here to email.

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