The Cayman Islands Secure Data Centre takes its first breaths.

The Cayman Islands Secure Data Centre takes its first breaths.

Cayman Islands Secure Data Center.

We’re pleased as punch to announce the Cayman Islands data centre is right on track with the building and office infrastructure in place has new hardware arrives daily. What is going to set this data centre apart though, will be the unbeatable security embedded deep within. This will be the first data centre in the Cayman Islands with servers that are locked down with our paradigm-sift in cyber security which is capable of totally incapacitating foreign code so no threat could ever run.


The Cayman Islands Data Centre will use our Trident CMP protection offering the very first data storage on the islands capable of keeping data private with breakthrough protection from hackers and prying eyes. Our Trident CMP service includes system lockdown (which blocks all unapproved code), Network Threat Detection and reporting (which is a man-monitored service and like having your own personal IT security team), and lastly security measures against local data theft so data can’t be transferred via USB or email undetected. More information about Trident CMP here.

Here you can see the offices, board room, control centre, battery backup, data broadcast tower and sever rooms. The project is being built in conjunction with C3 Pure Fibre who offer Fibre Wifi Internet and Fibre TV in the Cayman Islands who will use it for providing their services, serving content and connecting customers.

This will be an essential utility for customers in the Cayman Islands, not just for Banking and Financial institutions but for any business which needs to keep client and private data safe and free from snooping.

To find out more about how Cayman Island businesses can get local data-serving services (of all kinds) click here to contact us.

Our Project Partners:

What? Cayman Islands Secure Data Centre. Data servers with breakthrough cyber security

Where? Cayman Islands (serving data worldwide for clients in George Town, West Bay, Bodden Town, East End, North Side).

The Cayman Islands, British Overseas Territory


The Cayman Islands is comprised of three islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) with one of the highest standards of living in the world. The current economy is one of the strongest in the Caribbean and is driven by offshore financial institutions, international banks, and luxury tourism. With a thriving and growing economy based on industries where client data security is paramount out new, Secure Data Centre will be an essential infrastructure to support the growth of the country.

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