The cloud with a silver lining.

A revolution in hacker and DDoS protection.

A new cloud service which gives you peace of mind.

Worried that at any time, hackers could breach your company data, steal private customer details or bring your website down?

You're not alone...

Fortunately. This ends now.

Presenting a new peace of mind cloud service that protects you from all the cyber threats that seek to disrupt and steal.

The Silver Lining

We wrap your cloud computing services in a host protection layer, blocking ALL unauthorised code from executing, keeping hackers out and your data safe.

You data is EXPOSED, but it doesn't have to be.

All the information you store is a target to hackers. With GDPR it’s even more important to stop hackers from gaining access to your client data. But it can seem impossible to keep data safe when big companies like British Airways, Apple, Facebook, and Equifax have failed.

That’s where Argentum comes in. Giving everybody access to security and protection that really works thanks to a breakthrough in cyber security.

Argentum is a cloud solution which is protected by a new cyber security service which works where other cyber security protocols fail. It does this with a total re-think on how to stop intrusions and provides actual protection even from new and unknown threats.

It’s combined with revolutionary DDoS protection so you can get secure cloud serrvices and finally have true peace of mind.

Enjoy the peace of mind that your data is safe, find out about Argentum cloud services.

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