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Cyber Security for server farms and data centres.

Coporate and Enterprise Building

Unprecedented enterprise and corporate cyber protection.


Complete and economical Cyber Security for SME's.

Read our capabilities doc to see how to get cybersecurity services that can protect businesses of all sizes.

Not an antivirus or a firewall, a paradigm shift in Cyber Security

Without GBMS Tech Cyber Security

Trident Screen Before without cybesecurity unit

With GBMS Tech Cyber Security

Trident Screen After with cyber security unit

Trident Network Protection is the core of a complete hardware and software solution with a 24/7 monitored Cyber Security service, we call Trident CMP. Its sophisticated system lockdown, threat blocker and data theft detection trifector offers the highest level of protection for businesses and enterprise.


GBMS Tech Recognised for Excellence in Managed IT Services.
The Cayman Islands Secure Data Centre takes its first breaths.
GBMS Tech saves a client from a Bitcoin Heist. Read the case study

Complete hacker and threat protection which scales easily for large and small organisations.

Empowers GDPR compliance and is insurance underwritten to provide complete protection.

Breakthrough cyber security meets next-level Data Centre innovation.

GBMS Tech powers the cyber security for CoolDC the innovative eco-friendly data center(s) to provide a best-in-class server environment perfect for businesses and enterprise who need a fast, socially responsible data servers with the right data security for a GDPR world.

The GBMS Tech difference:

Breakthrough Technology:

  • Unprecedented Protection
  • App Blocking
  • Threat Detection and Localisation
  • AI Assisted Scalability

Business Continuity:

  • Zero Day Protection
  • Professional Human Oversight 24/7 monitoring
  • GDPR compliance enabler

Insurance and compliance:

  • Insurance Underwritten
  • Substantially reduced premiums when GBMS solutions are adopted
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The flaw in current Cyber Security models:

Current Cyber Security techniques like firewalls and antivirus are flawed and incapable of complete protection.

Previously Cyber Security models were based on a cycle of scan, detect, clean, repeat.

This leaves systems vulnerable to new threats and cleaning up after data is stolen, is not a solution.

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A reliable, sustainable Cyber Security model:

Unauthorised App blocking

24/7 Network Analysis

We’ve developed a breakthrough Cyber Security service for businesses and enterprise. It efficiently stops threats by blocking all unauthorised programs.

No detection process needed.

We combine this with advanced threat analysis and 24/7 monitoring to allow us to pinpoint threats and shutdown network access at the source.

A real solution in a world of Cyber Security uncertainty.

Get completely locked down with a true “peace of mind” solution. So-called, because it really does offer impenetrable protection.


We create a list of trusted apps which you want to run. By validating executables at the kernel layer malware gets blocked regardless if from a bad email link, website, or connected drive. Trident CMP™ effectively blocks all threats, even zero-day attacks.

Multiple Fingerprint technology stops hackers from being able to submit a malicious app in sheep’s clothing. This technology is scalable, faster and more secure. You can add certificate base validation to allow trusted apps to update automatically.

Trident CMP™ is a 24/7 software and hardware monitoring service with professional human oversight. Our highly trained Cyber Security experts can detect and trace security threats to take immediate action blocking nefarious activity before a breach can happen.

A revolution in Cyber Security Insurance.

Trident CMP™ provides such effective protection its been recognised by insurance underwriters and approved for new, discounted Cyber Security and data theft protection policies.

The total protection against hackers, viruses and malware has facilitated new policies from leading insurers with significant savings in Cyber Security and data theft insurance offset implementation costs.

Find out how your Cyber Security and data theft insurance can be reduced by using Trident CMP™  CLICK HERE.
Hand signing cyber security and data theft Insurance papers


An essential component of GDPR compliance.

Trident CMP™ solves a significant part of GDPR compliance.

By addressing the security issues associated with safeguarding customer data and ensuring the required level of monitoring and reporting. Trident CMP™ can assist in GDPR compliance.



Find out how GBMS Tech Cyber Security Business Continuity Systems provided by Trident CMP™ stops threats taking your business offline.

Viruses, malware, ransomware, and trojans can have a devastating effect on business. Not just huge fines if user data is breached, but also revenue and trust which evaporates when a cyber threat takes your business offline. Post-incident, most small businesses won’t recover. It’s not something you can risk, fortunately now you don’t have to.

GBMS provides breakthrough protection for businesses, data centres, and the enterprise which provides secured business continuity by effectively stopping all malware from getting through.

GBMS Tech products and services are at the endpoint layer of your Defense In-Depth Security Strategy. We allow only your Trusted Apps to run. Untrusted apps and scripts are always blocked. It doesn’t matter if it has a new or unknown signature, what behaviour it has, what the user privileges are, or if the item tries to download from a webpage or local drive. Unknown items are blocked, and ONLY your trusted items are able to run.

A real solution in a world of Cyber Security uncertainty.

Get completely locked down with a true “peace of mind” solution. So-called, because it really does offer impenetrable protection.

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The stakes are high.
SME's are in danger of going out of business within 12 months if hacked.


Get protected now with

Trident CMP™

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